Hit and Miss


Coca Cola – By putting “Zero Sugar” in the name, rather than just “Zero,” the brand clearly communicates that it does not contain sugar, they want to leave no doubt about that. Improved taste – nope still the same, improved packaging design, definitely not. What is going on here? – I feel I’m attacked by a large period dot. In a maelstrom of information, iconography and messaging to logo placement, typography and information hierarchy this tin is heading for the bin, please bring back the old black and red. #cokezero#packagingdesign #can #reddot #design#studiolife #graphic #sugar

I have glanced over a nauseating amount of Black Friday broadsheets over the past week looking for that great deal on something so arbitrary I don’t really need, its always refreshing to interact with a broadsheet that is SUPER SEXY. Well done Woolworths. Great layout, clear typography and price points, appetising food photography and fantastic paper stock make looking for specials in these broadsheets a mouth watering experience. #woolworths #broadsheet#specials #photography #foodie #layout #design


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