Hit and Miss


The new F1 Turbo typeface was designed by The Hague’s Marc Rouault. For me it brings back the nostalgia of 1970’s F1 (black and gold John Player Special Lotus) with a modern twist. The sweeping ascenders and descenders allude to fast corners and racing lines, the crossbar on the ‘a’ is brilliant (have a closer look) and the numerals are just as provoking. F1 Turbo typeface – 0 to my favourite in 2 sec. #f1 #turbo #typeface #design#nostalgia #johnplayerspecial #creative

Mercedes C- class, launched in the 1990’s as a replacement for the 190E, the C- Class (C stands for compact) has enjoyed immense popularity. For me the latest model, with its arching lines and droopy ass has lost a lot of that Mercedes brand essence, dammit, cover the badge and you’re driving a Chrysler, Ford or any other American monstrosity. Best C-Class ever – 1996 C220 W202 model. #merc #cardesign#cclass #wherehasthestylegone #automotive

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