Hit and Miss

With the 2018 season kicking off, a few English Premier clubs have rebranded, some better, some worse. The latest social media furore is over the new Leeds United FC emblem. Yes the one with the ‘fan’ pledging allegiance to the club, saluting or in my case having a heart attack. From Gaviscon running a tactical ad based on the new emblem, to angry fans signing petitions in objection to the proposed rebrand, its all quite amusing. Apparently they spent six months conducting research into the new crest and consulted with 10 000 fans. Its like asking 10 000 people what should we have for dinner tonight, and is a prime example demonstrating that consultation and collaboration are two very different things. Anyway let me eat my cheesy mackerel curry, topped with beetroot soup, stuffed into a egg white omelette. #logo #emblem#leeds #design #football #fans #hit&miss #poordesign #hitchcockmichalski #studiolife


The work on the Terriers logo was done by Fantastic Media, and they say they were also thinking of the fans when designing the new identity – with a completely different outcome. Paul Whitcroft, Creative Director Fantastic Media , said: “The aim was always to create a Terrier that the fans could be proud of as well as reflect the club’s position at the top of the football ladder. Key to the development was longevity – we wanted something that looks Premier League but can be a permanent part of the club’s identity.” Well done Paul and team – the new emblem oozes the character traits of a terrier exemplified by the team: pride, tenacity, hard work and fight. #logo #emblem #terriers #design #football #fans #hitandmiss #gooddesign #hitchcockmichalski #studiolife

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