Hit and Miss

Old and New.

Walking in Warsaw recently I was intrigued by a logo for a convenience store, in a sea of mediocrity and slick sameness this one really stood out, and now they go and rebrand it. Żabka (pol. Little frog) is the biggest convenience store chain in Poland known for its ubiquitous logo of a smiling green frog. Friendly, smiling and tame, this was a convenience store to visit to stock up on cigarettes, alcohol and some snacks. Times are changing right? Their competitors – Biedronka, Lidl, and Carrefour were raising their offering and communication language, talking to a more affluent shopper. So what does Żabka do – rebrand, out with a ‘national icon’, in with a run of the mill green smile, slick yes, modern yes, a minimalist trend. All of these logo evolutions are losing their character, but maybe as trends go, it will reverse again. Croak another icon.

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