Hit and Miss


Thumbs UP – We’re more than half way through the winter olympics, and yet another Russian is joining his comrades back home to smash pirozhki and vodka whilst litening to kalinka for failing a dope test, this time a curler, a bloody curler. So all this talk of snow reminded me of a logo I see nearly every day – Gone Skiing – simple play on typography with two tracks sliding down the blue holding shape, now that’s dope. #goneskiing #logo #design #typography #winter #snow #creative #skiing #type


I see a sea of opportunity for a minimal approach to packaging, the hardest part is finding symbols and signs that many people can relate to, coupled with typography that highlights the product descriptor. Simple Choice from Game, has all the right ingredients, a bold colour, simple straight forward product information and iconography – yet they fail so miserably in the execution, apart from the pink band, all the other elements (icons mean nothing without the descriptors in this case) float in a sea of grey. Yes, it might be a simple choice but great design isn’t. #simplechoice #game #packaging #fail #iconography #graphic #paint #pink #pity

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