Hit and Miss


Adidas – ‘ Out of repetition, comes variation. Out of variation, comes iteration. Out of iteration, comes creation’ explains Adidas Originals Global Communication VP Alegra O’Hare. Not only does Boris Dlogosch ‘Keep pushin’ sound track bring back a lot of 90’s nite club nostalgia, it is a chant to inspire all creators to keep pushing on. #addidas #keeppushing #tvc #wheeloflife #90s #boom#sneakers


Ferrari and typography, so much time and money is invested in designing, building and giving the world these magnificent prancing horses, (look up why Enzo started painting these horses on a yellow background), I’m always disappointed with the model badge design. Drop shadows, bevels and emboss, italic typography are all clichés of speed and performance and fail miserably on these iconic automobiles, the inclusion of the cap ‘F’ in superfast, to me more like an irritating speed bump in the fast lane. #typography #ferrari#superfast #812 #prancinghorse #italian #badge #emblem.

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