Hit and Miss


Netbank street poles, although I find the image a bit too recessive, the message is clear, simple and most importantly legible in the traffic, well done to the designers. Now all that’s needed is to sort out the dynamic relationship between the icon and the logotype. The canyon in-between is just too wide #nedbank #streetpole#graphicdesign


Introduced in 1940, Fanta is not just the second oldest brand of The Coca-Cola Company but also its second largest brand outside the U.S. The last time Fanta rebranded was in 2008, when Office did a super redesign and introduced a fun and vibrant illustrative visual language. I feel the style holds well even after 8 years. As for the new logo, it’s simple – the leaf and oranges are horrible, the type although bold, feels a bit too naive, and sits uncomfortably in the composition. The only positive is the little smirk in the second A #logodesign #rebrand #fanta

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