Hit and Miss


Retaining the equity of the blue square holding shape, the serif Bakos Brothers wordmark gets a refresh, retaining it’s elegant and classy upmarket appeal. Its one of the better logo evolutions we’ve seen on the ‘local’ scene and lets see how this translates into their new store design. My only criticism – not having that own-able typographic element within the wordmark, the crafted B was left wanting (Southern Sun used a similar typeface in its evolution years ago with greater emphasis on making it truly unique and ownable.) #bakosbrothers #logo #design#evolution #bb #wordmark #craft #southernsun#identity

Unique Wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I’d chuck this logo, there is a start of a concept, just poorly executed, there’s a disconnect between the unique elegance of the furniture inside the store and the industrial, better suited for lumberjacks identity. #unigue #wood#identity #logo #miss


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