ProvidusBank Interiors and Wayfinding

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The retail strategy uses the threshold space to entice and welcome customers into the ProvidusBank environment, then engaging by drawing the customer into the banking hall, where they are met with a series of visual and communication tools along with a number of digital interactive devices. Digital and self-service is the predominant theme, resulting in a modern yet aspirational and approachable environment. The signage concept is derived from the horizontal profiles contained within the logo icon. The simple idea forms the basis of our signage concept for exterior pylons, fascias and suspended signage, ATM shroud design along with interior way-finding elements.


Hitchcock Michalski was appointed to develop an interior design concept for ProvidusBank’s new branches, some of which were new-build and some, retrofit. The branches had to re-inforce the digital positioning of the brand and were required to be more dynamic and innovative than the competitive set. The signage and ATM design was required to perpetuate the “Future Forward Banking” positioning.


The ProvidusBank brand visual language, colour palette and personality inspired the physical environment, along with the design of the interior and exterior signage and the ATM shroud. “Future Forward Banking” was implicit throughout the interiors and signage, resulting in design, which created a platform for sustained relevance in the face of hard working competition, providing longevity, derived through simplicity and good design principles.

“Hitchcock Michalski has designed for us a world-class brand, one that delivers instant brand equity and customer affinity. However, their strength is not only in what they have developed; but in the depth of their experience, their creativity and the speed with which they approach every brief. I have enjoyed working with the team of professionals who have worked on creating the ProvidusBank brand identity. We believe we made the right choice by choosing Hitchcock Michalski.”

– Dafe Ivwurie, Head, Brand & Corporate Communications, ProvidusBank. 

“Hitchcock Michalski is proud to have designed and developed world class branch environments along with impactful and striking signage and ATMs which will create standout within the strong Nigerian banking competitive set.

– Fiona Hitchcock, Managing Director

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