Hei Voetsek! Hit and Miss V31

I brought two issues of Hei Voetsek whilst bar hopping in Melville in the early 2000's from a Rasta called Zebulon Dread,

"This magazine is just to say we're out there and we don't buy your shit. It's freedom of expression and the means by which a long-suffering artist becomes an entrepreneur, taking destiny into his own hands and out of the devious honkies who so love control," proclaimed culture terrorist Zebulon Dread in the editorial of the first issue of Hei Voetsek! Written, designed, photoshopped and photocopied by Dread himself, Hei Voetsek! broke down South African politics, culture, society and sex. Incorporating Bergie taal, English, Afrikaans and slang, Dread denounced everyone from corrupt politicians and conservative Afrikaaners and "darkies with a chip on their shoulders". These issues form part of our Hitchcock Michalski library and serve as inspiration to challenge the status quo on thinking, designing and self expression, this was/is truly africanacity.

Miss: Yellow pages - no more waste on my stoep! When was the last time you used the yellow pages? For me, it's been years, years since Google made them as obsolete as abacus. Yet once again I come home to find new books on my stoep the size of concrete blocks, and nearly as heavy. This is a waste of materials and money. Telkom, create an opt-out option for people like me that wish to cancel my book and save a tree.