Hit and Miss V29

This week we decided to focus on the brand offering rather than design or communication.
Does the brand understand the customer’s problem? Is their offering providing a solution to that problem? Or are they simply saying “this is what we as a business can offer you” with no understanding of their customer whatsoever.

Estate agents, on average, charge 7.5% commission. They tell you how long they’ve been around (irrelevant), number of agents (irrelevant), database (everyone has this and can get this), in other words, what they as a company can provide. But they don’t ask me, as a customer, what are the problems I need considered, when dealing with an estate agent?
In stark contrast, Leadhome tried to understand what the biggest pain point was for the customer. The hectic commission payment!
Leadhome charge a flat fee of R29 995 + VAT for every sale, regardless of selling price. They offer the same services as a regular estate agent. I love it! My next sale, Leadhome will have my business. It’s called customer centricity. Everyone talks it, very few practise it!