Hit and Miss V27

Miss - Clover Good Hope, MA Milk Alternative Soy Milk. Clearly no packaging design objectives or goals were considered, there is no aesthetic appeal with regards to hierarchy of information, typography, colour or imagery. The primary display panel is cluttered with so much information and endorsement logos, it's impossible to make out what I'm actually looking at. The use of a dull greyish milk bottle does little for the appetite appeal and marketability of the product. In a competitive retail environment, where shelf presence is key to attracting a consumers attention and communicating clearly and quickly, Clover's Good Hope MA Milk Alternative Soy Milk has no hope.

Hit- Woolworths Squeezed & Pressed, the packaging just oozes appetite appeal, the crisp apples, juicy mangos and summer berries shot on a wooden background make me want to drink it right there and then, the typography and information hierarchy on the primary display panel is clear, legible, and the serif font reflects the premium value perception of quality of the product. Well done for packaging that truly differentiates itself from its competition.