Hit and Miss V36 The VODKA Edition

We asked our intern Naledi Moloto for her opinion on a Hit and Miss post. Here's what she had to say. We'd love to hear from you whether you agree or disagree?

By Naledi Moloto

Hit: Absolut International
A drop of Love

Repurposed ink from hate signs all over the world was used to create the new ink that was then used to print the word love on the Absolut bottle in different languages.
The campaign takes influence from the Indian colour festival Holi. The festival signifies “the victory of good over evil” and reminds us to play and laugh, forget and forgive. They used Magenta and blue that both have meanings that both have roots in Hindi culture.
These ideals align with the over-arching attitude of Absolut International, that is Love and Inclusivity

Miss: Absolut South Africa

The idea for this campaign was African unity to reigniting the brand by creating collateral that is relevant to South Africans. The campaign heroes musician Khuli Chana and other African artists. The focus is taken away from the product as the ambassadors become the focus. They claim to celebrate the value of African art, fashion and music but use a single hero amongst others to push that idea It lacks a coherent and relatable visual language. There is no evident single over-arching idea to build upon in future campaigns. They also took ques from Afrofuturism, which lacks in originality. Its unrelatable and does not speak to the attitude of South African beverage industry.