Hit and Miss V25

Hit - Reading Symbols: A Handbook for Seeing - by Fox and Wang, you come to appreciate the imbued meaning in so many recognisable symbols. Having a slight phobia for f&@king spiders, I found this interpretation quiet fascinating. The spider within its web is both a life and death symbol. So it seems appropriate that the mark of the venomous black widow spider should be used as inspiration for the US Army's 7th Infantry Division, also alluding to a symbol of 2 number sevens. The division was first activated in December 1917 in World War I and the emblem symbolises lethal force, most opportune as the division's motto is "Light, Silent and Deadly"

Miss - How many times have I been tempted just to hand over the colouring pencils to client and for him to provide me with the graphic solution, since our profession is seen as simply colouring in sh*t. Melania, thank you for proving me wrong, surely your advisors should confiscate all your crayolas and let designers do their job. I admire your passion and cause for the Be Best children's foundation but designing a word mark representative of a B grade horror movie does not bode well for young and impressionable minds. There is not enough word allowance for me to critique your squiggles, but needless to say...