@ABSA, another fluffy story?

Please tell us how you have tried to understand your customer’s pain points in banking, their everyday challenges and what you can do to solve those challenges. To tell me that you are united to “bring my possibilities to life”, that you have a “new, brave, passionate attitude, ready to take on all the opportunities Africa affords all of us” – well that just tells me about you. And it’s telling me a story that I’ve heard from so many other companies before. Nothing new and brave. But I am the customer. Show me you understand me. Show me how you are going to make my banking and business life easier.

@Michael Jordaan had the foresight and patience to get his house in order, for 2 years, when he prepared @FNB to relaunch themselves into the market. And they brought new technology, new ways of making banking easier and they certainly became more helpful! Now @Michael Jordaan and @Yatin Narsai are bringing @Bank Zero to the market. Simple fee structure, fast and easy with no paperwork (technology), easy to get onboard (easy to switch, careful @Absa, @Nedbank and @StandardBank), and financial control and transparency. Hallelujah! Someone who has made the effort to understand their customer and to bring me innovative ways of banking. Now that’s brave!