we aim to make a difference

Our people focussed intuition and our design curiosity are very powerful internal compasses to help us connect with our IKIGAI, our reason for being, our purpose.

Ikagi Diagram.jpg

Ikigai - A Japanese philosophy. The intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing.

How does Hitchcock Michalski Make a Difference in South Africa and for our clients?

We help clients turn their investment into Enterprise Development, into sustainable B-BBEE qualified SMME suppliers, through mentorship and coaching, through re-investing a portion of the annual retainer spend with our agency. Mail me now on fiona@hitchcockmichalski.com to discuss further.

We also take on young, disadvantaged interns every year, with the aim of bringing new, young talent into our industry. We are committed to the empowerment and coaching of our staff, across all levels.