Hitchcock Michalski initially worked with Builders in defining our Home Décor strategy. From the outset they exceeded expectations and delivered a strategy which was insights driven and provided us with a strategy which could deliver given the economic environment as well as the competitive landscape in South Africa.

Following this we commissioned a 360 brand audit. What I appreciated most was that Hitchcock Michalski were brave enough to present us with the hard truth of how our brand was being portrayed through the line. It gave us a foundation to embark on the journey of crafting a future fit visual language which is relevant and timeless.

Most recently we have commissioned Hitchcock Michalski to work with us as a strategic partner in redefining and crystalizing our brand strategy as well as our rewards programme to mention a few.

Fiona and team always deliver superior work which shows an in depth knowledge of marketing strategy, design philosophy and building a future fit brand. They take time to understand us as a business, our industry and the global context. They care enough listen actively, always show up with an inquiring attitude and always deliver way more than we asked for.

Their enthusiasm for their craft is infectious and I look forward to many more projects partnering with Hitchcock Michalski.

Janet Booysen
Marketing Executive


We are extremely happy with the service Hitchcock Michalski delivers. They form an integral part in our aim to promote and protect the Comair Corporate Brand and Identity. We have a mutual trust and respect as they share our corporate values in delivering a service in line with our own high standards. I can highly recommend Hitchcock Michalski to assist with your creative strategy and designs.

Susan Van Der Ryst
Corporate Communications Head


We had the opportunity to work with Hitchcock Michalski on the entire branding for Providusbank from conceptual stage to implementation, and the result of what we have is undoubtedly a world class brand identity that speaks volumes for a new institution like ours. This was made possible by Hitchcock Michalski and we shall continue to retain their expertise to drive our brand identity.

Walter Akpani
Chief Executive Officer


Hitchcock Michalski has designed for us a world-class brand, one that delivers instant brand equity and customer affinity. However, their strength is not only in what they have developed; it is also in the depth of their experience, their creativity and the speed with which they approach every brief. I have enjoyed working with the team of professionals who have worked on creating the ProvidusBank brand identity. We believe we made the right choice by choosing Hitchcock Michalski.

Dafe Ivwurie
Head, Brand & Corporate Communications 


Diamond Bank Plc. has worked with the directors of Hitchcock Michalski for over 13 years. They have carried out 2 re-brands in that period of time due to an evolution of the bank’s offerings and broadening of target markets. They have delivered against all capabilities, namely brand design from identity development, to collateral design, annual report, stationery, press communication, website design, and event collateral. They have always delivered creative work of the utmost excellence, with solid strategic thinking to support. They have a ‘can-do’ attitude and nothing is ever a problem to execute, I would highly recommend Hitchcock Michalski for any design or communication requirements you may have.

Uzoma Dozie
Chief Executive Officer


We worked with Hitchcock Michalski to develop the brand identity for Black Knights. The team at HM really partnered with us to understand the critical differences between Black Knights and other investment platforms. This reflected in the quality of work delivered. From brand identity to website design and collateral, we have something that reflects who we are and where we are going. We made the right choice to engage Hitchcock Michalski from the very beginning of our project.

Rob Giles


Hitchcock Michalski have great strategic capability with extensive experience in the brand and marketing fields. They are perfectionists, with an eye for detail and have always delivered work of exceptional standard and huge value add. They are a strong team and are able to work with small or large business environments. The team has great inter-personal skills, are determined and focused and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Hitchcock Michalski again”.

Jacqueline Humphries
CEO, Marketing and Sales



DRA has been working with Hitchcock Michalski since 2015 and in that time we have experienced a company with an amplitude for complete professionalism and creative flair. HM has assisted DRA with various brand projects including a revamped Corporate Identity and a fresh and impactful advertising campaign. HM have delivered on our requirements and have managed to think outside the box to gain a new perspective for our needs. I would recommend HM to any business who is looking for a new angle to push their brand into an innovative and unique space.

Kyle Young
Marketing and Communications